Torhead-Erinnerungsstück Nr. 2 - Oricon wie es hätte sein können (Imperial)
Wie beim Regus-FP gilt auch hier, einige der NPC-Texte sind eigentlich Spieler-Antworten und nur falsch deklariert:

Quotes (Imperial)

Commander Taynis: Perhaps you've heard of the Dread Masters. Sith Lords who cripple entire armies with fear. Once the Empire's greatest weapon.
Commander Vox: I once held the Dread Masters' leash. At the Emperor's command, they drove armies insane and crippled fleets with terror.
Commander Vox: You have saved the galaxy from the brink of terror. The Empire bows to you.

Commander Taynis: Fear dissipates. News spreads of the Dread Masters' demise.
Commander Taynis: Commander Vox awaits.
Commander Taynis: The Emperor watches.
Commander Taynis: Wrath. Well met. You are needed by the Imperial Guard.
Commander Taynis: My lord. A moment.
Commander Taynis: Hunter. A job for you. Top tier payment.
Commander Taynis: Perfect. Fear hates company. The Imperial Guard needs your hardened minds.
Commander Taynis: The Imperial Guard beckons you.
Commander Taynis: We watched you on Darvannis. You survived a Dread Master--a first.
Commander Taynis: We know of your Belsavis operation. Freeing the Dread Masters. Even keeping your sanity. Good work.
Commander Taynis: We know of your Gree encounter on Asation. You defeated Kephess, the Dread Masters' reanimated Trandoshan.
Commander Taynis: Perhaps you've heard of the Dread Masters. Sith Lords who cripple entire armies with fear. Once the Empire's greatest weapon.
Commander Taynis: Now the Dread Masters act alone. They move to suffocate us with terror. The Empire demands their immediate extermination.
Commander Taynis: As you know, the Dread Masters have rebelled. The fate of the Empire demands their extermination.
Commander Taynis: I like a good scare.
Commander Taynis: Billions would fall to madness. The Sith mustn't reach Imperial space.
Commander Taynis: Wherever my master lies, he will hear the Dread Masters' dying screams.
Commander Taynis: Commander Vox prepares a vessel for your assault. Trust him. None know the Dread Masters better than he.
Commander Taynis: The other Dark Council members bicker on Korriban. I alone possess the power to vanquish these Dread Masters.
Commander Taynis: Give me a time and place. I'll bag your Dread Masters.
Commander Taynis: Desertion during wartime is punishable by death. I'll see the Dread Masters answer for their dereliction of duty.
Commander Taynis: What do the Dread Masters gain by betraying the Empire?
Commander Taynis: Only one man holds that answer.
Commander Taynis: Excellent. Payment will match the terrible task.
Commander Taynis: If only time permitted a public execution in Kaas City.
Commander Taynis: The Empire places its hope in you, my lord.
Commander Taynis: You bear the legacy well, Wrath.
Commander Vox: Your mind is not prepared for the Dread Masters. Not yet.
Commander Vox: I sit on the Dark Council, Commander. Darths and Jedi quake in my presence. What do I have to fear?
Commander Vox: I'm familiar with the concept of thought manipulation, Commander. The Dread Masters will find me well guarded against their mental tricks.
Commander Vox: In my business, fear isn't an option.
Commander Vox: You speak to the Emperor's Wrath, Commander. The Dread Masters should fear me.
Commander Vox: Scary tales are for children. Besides, what's the worst the Dread Masters can do?
Commander Vox: We shall see.
Commander Vox: I once held the Dread Masters' leash. At the Emperor's command, they drove armies insane and crippled fleets with terror.
Commander Vox: Even the Wrath must be cautious.
Commander Vox: Good.
Commander Vox: You have much to learn.
Commander Vox: Brace yourselves.
Commander Vox: Ten kilometers from Oricon, the Dread Masters' moon sanctuary. That's all that stands between us and....
Dread Master Tyrans: Terror consumes!
Dread Master Tyrans: Only cowards hide behind the Force. Stop this madness.
Dread Master Tyrans: Close your eyes! Block the Dread Masters! They're manipulating us!
Commander Vox: Their power grows. We're ten kilometers out, and still the Dread Masters nearly drowned us in fear.
Commander Vox: You must move quickly. Take my shuttle to the surface of Oricon. We will await your return at a safer distance.
Dread Master Tyrans: Tremble before me!
Dread Master Tyrans: Die, Sith!
Dread Master Tyrans: Get out of my head!
Dread Master Tyrans: Be gone!
Dread Master Tyrans: I've had concussions more colorful than this horror show.
Dread Master Tyrans: None can frighten the Emperor's Wrath. Surrender or I will destroy you in our master's name.
Dread Master Tyrans: Quaint tricks will not deter a member of the Dark Council!
Dread Master Calphayus: Never!
Dread Master Calphayus: Lies!
Dread Master Calphayus: Fool!
Commander Vox: Silence the Dread Masters, before they destroy us all.
Commander Vox: Remind me--who are these Dread Masters?
Commander Vox: Sith, prophets, forgers of nightmares. I envy your ignorance.
Commander Vox: But when the Emperor disappeared, the Dread Masters broke their chains, shattered my mind and abandoned the Empire. I screamed myself hoarse in a padded cell.
Commander Vox: The Emperor entrusted you as the Dread Masters' guardian, and you let them slip away.
Commander Vox: You'll be amazed at what the subconscious hides.
Commander Vox: May we meet again.
Commander Vox: The Dread Masters were a valuable weapon. Have you tried negotiating their return?
Commander Vox: The Dread Masters exist to spread terror. Peace is beyond them.
Commander Vox: Insanity was the first of many punishments for my failure.
Commander Vox: Every day, the Empire sheds more deserters. The fools flock to the Dread Masters.
Commander Vox: Terror ravages their minds, enslaving them to the Dread Masters. Soon this army of thralls will march on the Empire and consume us all.
Commander Vox: The Dread Masters' enslaved army will never reach Imperial space.
Commander Vox: How can the Dread Masters control an entire army of mindless servants?
Commander Vox: Chin up, Commander. The Dread Masters haven't won yet.
Commander Vox: You haven't seen what I've seen.
Commander Vox: I saw their handiwork on Asation. The horrors they summoned from the Gree hypergate were no match for me.
Commander Vox: I faced a Dread Master on Darvannis. This will be no different.
Commander Vox: That was one Dread Master. Today, you face the power of all six.
Commander Vox: Gree horrors are nothing compared to the Dread Masters' true power.
Commander Vox: Don't forget--it was I who saved the Dread Masters from Belsavis. I'm familiar with their brand of terror.
Commander Vox: Captivity weakened them. Their strength has grown ever since.
Commander Vox: Raptus... Bestia... Tyrans... no! Leave me!
Commander Vox: Commander Vox?
Commander Vox: Forgive me. Nightmares. Not my own. And yes--I am Commander Vox.
Commander Vox: We serve the same master, Wrath. Today, we must join hands to conquer fear itself.
Commander Vox: The eyes of the Empire are upon you, my lord. Such power, and a master of spirits no less.
Commander Vox: You have a reputation, hunter. Bold, courageous, no stranger to fear.
Commander Vox: Tell me--are you prepared to gaze into the face of terror? To have your psyche gutted and flayed by the Dread Masters?
Commander Vox: You are difficult to locate. Intelligence may have dissipated, but the Empire still needs your resilient mind.
Commander Vox: The Dread Masters scarred you with their mark. You must have learned something in the throes of their nightmares.
Commander Vox: The Dread Masters were toying with you. No one, not even an Imperial Guard, can restrain a Sith.
Commander Vox: The Dread Masters grow bold in the Emperor's absence. I will remind them of their ruler's fury.

Commander Vox: I'm not risking sanity to bring these Sith in alive.
Commander Vox: I know. It was respect for the Emperor that kept the Dread Masters in check.
Commander Vox: Words can't capture the horrors. But I learned one thing: The Dread Masters must be destroyed.
Commander Vox: The Dread Masters drove thousands mad with fear, but you overcame their horrors?
Commander Vox: My duty is to my Emperor. Insanity could not stop me from destroying his traitorous Dread Masters.
Commander Vox: I expect nothing less from the Wrath.
Commander Vox: The Dread Masters flooded them with pure terror. Soon you will understand.
Commander Vox: Your resolve is strong. But your mind must be stronger.
Commander Vox: We approach Oricon. The Dread Masters expect us.
Commander Vox: The Dread Masters showed me your death on Oricon. Now they taunt me with your ghosts!
Commander Vox: This is no dream, Commander. The Dread Masters are dead. Their reign of terror has ended.
Commander Vox: Then it's true. The nightmare is over.
Commander Vox: You have saved the galaxy from the brink of terror. The Empire bows to you.
Commander Vox: This victory belongs to the entire Empire, Commander.
Commander Vox: The Dread Masters' moon is the perfect site for an Imperial monitoring post. Prepare Oricon, inform the military.
Commander Vox: The Dread Masters' moon is a beacon of dark side energy. We must study and excavate every inch. I will see that the Reclamation Service assists you.
Commander Vox: The Dread Masters amassed a mountain of powerful assets. We must claim them for the Empire.
Commander Vox: My men will prepare for the recovery.
Commander Vox: Let's keep this professional. You had a job, I completed it.
Commander Vox: As you wish.
Commander Vox: The Dread Masters have outlived their use. Death is their punishment. Delivered as quickly as possible.
Dread Master Bestia: Fear.
Dread Master Raptus: Disrespected. Powerless. Cast out from the Dark Council.
Dread Master Raptus: Used by the Hand. The Emperor sacrifices his Wrath.
Dread Master Raptus: Contracts failed. Reputation defiled. A mercenary with no clients.
Dread Master Raptus: Betrayed by allies. Abandoned to die.
Dread Master Raptus: Secrets exposed. Identity laid bare. "Onomatophobia."
Commander Vox: End the Dread Masters' reign of terror. For the Empire.
Commander Vox: Of course, my lord. Nothing will go to waste.
Commander Vox: We will survey the moon immediately.
Commander Vox: Guardsmen! Prepare to visit Oricon. The Dread Masters' domain now belongs to the Empire!
Commander Vox: What of the Imperial deserters turned mindless thralls. Are they worth recovering?
Commander Vox: Traitors deserve no mercy. Crush them into the soil of Oricon.
Commander Vox: The feeble-minded deserve their fate. Make their screams echo in the canyons of Oricon.
Commander Vox: Save yourself a headache. Blast the lunatics, blame the Dread Masters.
Commander Vox: While they live, the Dread Masters' influence corrupts the Empire. Make sure they never leave Oricon alive.
Commander Vox: Sedate the thralls. Those who regain their sanity will be welcome additions to the Empire.
Commander Vox: You're in no position to turn away recruits. Help the thralls, then let the sane ones back into the Empire.
Commander Vox: That's an order, guardsmen. Capture the thralls.
Commander Vox: You have renewed the strength of our fractured Empire. We can now sleep without fear, and dream of annihilating the Republic.
Commander Vox: That's an order, guardsmen. Execute all thralls on sight.
Commander Vox: Good luck. And may the Republic cower before the destroyers of the Dread Masters.
Commander Vox: An army of thralls, mental traumas, six Dread Masters... you're racking up quite the bill.
Commander Vox: I haven't forgotten, hunter.
Commander Vox: My every strike was fueled by the Emperor's rage. The Dread Masters were fools to defy me.
Commander Vox: The Dread Masters despaired at my power. Their final moments were spent in absolute horror.
Commander Vox: The Sith tricks were cute. But even their biggest scares fell to my blaster.
Commander Vox: Reason, self-control and patience are the enemies of terror. Knowing this, not even the Dread Masters could shake me.
Commander Vox: Long live the Wrath.
Commander Vox: We learn from your example.
Commander Vox: Job well done, hunter.
Commander Vox: A poetic end.