Torhead ist tot, lang lebe die Erinnerung (Torhead Erinnerungsstück Nr. 1 - Flashpoint: The Imperial Warlord)
Aus gegebenen Anlass (torheads Inhalte sind nicht länger verfügbar) ein besonderes Erinnerungsstück, die Dialoge des nie veröffentlichten Großmoff Regus-Flashpoints. Als Anmerkung gleich vorweg, einige der mit dem NPC-Namen deklarierten Dialoge sind eigentlich Antworten der Spielercharaktere:

Quotes (Imperial)

Admiral Tarekk: The Empire is changing--politically, and philosophically. Moff Regus's... opinions on aliens are outdated, but he refused to keep them to himself.
Admiral Tarekk: We intend to engage Regus's fleet over the planet Anvarus. But we only have forces for a limited assault.
Admiral Tarekk: He only trusts humans and droids. As for hardware, he seized Imperial assets as well as Anvarus's military storehouses.

Admiral Tarekk: And, ensure that we have squadrons patrolling sectors six, eight and fifteen. He cannot be allowed to escape.
Admiral Tarekk: Thank you for waiting, my lord. There's been a great deal to organize.
Admiral Tarekk: I imagine you're used to this, hunter: waiting on the sidelines for your moment of glory.
Admiral Tarekk: I appreciate your patience, though I imagine Imperial Intelligence appreciated it more.
Admiral Tarekk: The Empire can't endure another schism.
Admiral Tarekk: My thanks for coming--and my apologies for the wait. There are many moving parts at work.
Admiral Tarekk: I'm Admiral Tarekk. First of all, this operation is highly classified, so I'll ask you to be discreet.
Admiral Tarekk: You have to wonder what the Empire's senior leadership is thinking, when it expects humans to follow a Chagrian's orders.
Admiral Tarekk: It's refreshing to see that uniform on someone other than humans and purebloods.
Admiral Tarekk: Everyone has the Empire's best interests at heart; it's time someone laid out why we're here.
Admiral Tarekk: You can feel it in the air. You're after someone or something critical.
Admiral Tarekk: The target of this mission is, unfortunately, one of our own. A rogue Moff.
Admiral Tarekk: Familiar sentiments. I prefer to let my battle commendations answer them. For now, we have work to do.
Admiral Tarekk: You may know of him; he fought to prevent Darth Malgus's rather foolhardy coup. His name is Moff Regus.
Admiral Tarekk: The shape of things to come, hopefully. This operation is another step on that journey.
Admiral Tarekk: I met Moff Regus during the Ilum campaign. He was brilliant, but he had a problem serving alongside aliens.
Admiral Tarekk: Well, you have a holo, so I imagine this Moff Regus is supposed to be important.
Admiral Tarekk: How did Moff Regus go from fighting Darth Malgus to becoming an Imperial target?
Admiral Tarekk: An opponent of that caliber won't be easy to handle.
Admiral Tarekk: That's a fair assessment.
Admiral Tarekk: He is a renowned tactician who fought on Ilum. He's also not fond of aliens.
Admiral Tarekk: The Empire is changing--politically, and philosophically. Moff Regus's... opinions on aliens are outdated, but he refused to keep them to himself.
Admiral Tarekk: As punishment, he was assigned to defend an insignificant system. Now he's seized that system for himself and declared his independence from the Empire.
Admiral Tarekk: Moff Regus must know he can't stand against the might of the Empire.
Admiral Tarekk: Regus would have done better to seize the system quietly, rather than yelling his rebellion from the rooftops.
Admiral Tarekk: It takes guts to capture a whole system out of spite.
Admiral Tarekk: Call Regus what he is: a traitor.
Admiral Tarekk: The Republic's already bleeding our resources dry. If Moff Regus attacks, he could strike the killing blow.
Admiral Tarekk: So Moff Regus wants to claim an "insignificant system"? Let him. There are more important enemies to deal with.
Admiral Tarekk: He's a relic of a less tolerant time.
Admiral Tarekk: That's exactly what Regus wants us to think; he wants us weakened before he strikes. We must move first.
Admiral Tarekk: Between the Republic, rogue Sith Lords and defections, the Empire's not looking too good. You need this Moff taken down, fast.
Admiral Tarekk: We intend to engage Regus's fleet over the planet Anvarus. But we only have forces for a limited assault.
Admiral Tarekk: Indeed, and there's only one punishment for treason.
Admiral Tarekk: A brief reminder, hunter: The Empire that pays you needs Regus dead.
Admiral Tarekk: Regus has the advantage of numbers. While we engage his forces, I need you to breach his fortress and eliminate him. Quickly.
Admiral Tarekk: Leave him to me, Admiral. Moff Regus will soon pay the price for rebelling.
Admiral Tarekk: Many people will follow a Moff, secessionist or not. Do you know what kind of army Regus has?
Admiral Tarekk: A public trial might make other rebels think twice.
Admiral Tarekk: Thankfully, he doesn't have your prescience, lord, but he's still a threat.
Admiral Tarekk: Our strength has been depleted, lord. Regus may actually have a chance.
Admiral Tarekk: One last thing. Many of us served with Regus, on Ilum and elsewhere.
Admiral Tarekk: He only trusts humans and droids. As for hardware, he seized Imperial assets as well as Anvarus's military storehouses.
Admiral Tarekk: He was loyal once. But now he is only an enemy of the state. Show no mercy.
Admiral Tarekk: He is a traitor, unfit to walk in Kaas City--even in chains.
Admiral Tarekk: I hope you bring that fortress down on Regus's head.
Admiral Tarekk: Excellent work, all of you. The spine of the enemy is broken.
Admiral Tarekk: Anvarus is ours, earned in sweat and blood. The stain of treachery has been washed away.
Admiral Tarekk: This victory belongs to you too, my lord. Destroying Regus cut off the serpent's head. We're honored by your help.
Admiral Tarekk: But, credit where it's due--and, credits where they're owed. Regus's defeat turned the tide. Well done, hunter.
Admiral Tarekk: Thankfully, the Empire still has its silent knives and long reach. We owe you a debt.
Admiral Tarekk: But it was the death of Regus that scattered his forces. Today, you've shown the Empire has lost none of its strength and cunning.
Admiral Tarekk: You show competence in battle and respect to your superiors. It will be remembered.
Admiral Tarekk: You've got one dead rebel Moff; plus a nice new base, one previous owner. Ready to settle up?
Admiral Tarekk: With Regus out of the way, we can get back to fighting the real enemy.
Admiral Tarekk: Regus hadn't had time to become much more than a figurehead. This rebellion couldn't survive without him.
Admiral Tarekk: Until the Empire finds its footing again, other Moffs might have the same idea. We must be vigilant.
Admiral Tarekk: Stamping out a treacherous worm isn't exactly glamorous, but someone had to do it.
Admiral Tarekk: Not everyone can say they've had a member of the Dark Council personally solving their troubles.
Admiral Tarekk: Take it from an outsider: If things in the Empire don't change, you could have other rebels on your hands.
Admiral Tarekk: Correct, but even now our forces are formidable. Our enemies should take notice.
Admiral Tarekk: More work for you, in return for a trifling payment from us? That seems fair.
Admiral Tarekk: Thankfully, Regus didn't take our entire Empire down with him.
Imperial Soldier: Admiral, sirs; we just received a communication. Regus's forces have surrendered.
Admiral Tarekk: So the victory is absolute.
Admiral Tarekk: Yes, my lord, though crushing traitors is a wise use of anyone's time.
Admiral Tarekk: The more I prove myself, lord, the more I can silence prejudiced fools like Regus.
Admiral Tarekk: Of course, your account's being credited as we speak.
Admiral Tarekk: I'm glad Regus didn't have your advice.
Admiral Tarekk: Indeed. I'm hoping for a frontline posting.
Admiral Tarekk: We can't risk another schism. Those defectors represent anarchy and rebellion; have them executed, immediately.
Admiral Tarekk: Even in disgrace, Regus and his men can serve the Empire. They can be a lesson on the consequences of failure.
Admiral Tarekk: Reconsider, Admiral. The Empire needs every man it can get, and these soldiers will know they owe you their lives.
Admiral Tarekk: Hmm. I suppose the Empire can be forgiving in victory--once. Very well, belay that order.
Admiral Tarekk: Send the order.
Admiral Tarekk: Regus turned himself from a hero to a footnote in the Empire's history, all because of foolish prejudices. He'll never see our rebirth as a nation.
Imperial Soldier: Right away, sir. And... thank you, sir. None of us wanted to see those traitors escape.
Admiral Tarekk: My thanks again. You've done a great service for the future of the Empire.
Admiral Tarekk: The Empire needs time to heal and rebuild, before we finally crush the Republic.
Lieutenant Ganev: My lord. Forgive the intrusion; I'd never trouble the Emperor's Wrath, except on orders.
Lieutenant Ganev: Pardon the interruption, my lord. But I have orders to bring a matter to the Dark Council's attention.
Lieutenant Ganev: So this is the hunter that Mandalore finds so worthy. Interesting. Your handling of Jun Seros is still spoken of.
Lieutenant Ganev: Greetings. If my dossier is correct, I'm addressing the agent once known as Cipher Nine. My commanding officer spoke well of you.
Lieutenant Ganev: Excuse me. Yes... you match the dossiers I was sent. I need a moment of your time.
Lieutenant Ganev: If we can't keep the Empire united, the Republic will destroy us. End of story.
Lieutenant Ganev: Admiral Tarekk extends his compliments, and asks you to join him aboard the fleet. A rather... delicate matter threatens the security of the Empire.
Lieutenant Ganev: Whatever threatens the Empire will have to crush me first.
Lieutenant Ganev: Sith are all well and good, Lieutenant, but you need someone who solves "delicate matters" for a living. That's me.
Lieutenant Ganev: I have... experience with security and intelligence matters. Not to mention infiltration, analysis, code-breaking....
Lieutenant Ganev: Trust in me, Lieutenant. When this "matter" is taken care of, you won't know it ever existed.
Lieutenant Ganev: Admiral Tarekk has sent an invitation for high-clearance operatives to meet him on the fleet. There's... a matter of Imperial security at stake.
Lieutenant Ganev: The security of the Empire is a particular concern of mine. I'm sure your admiral can put my skills to good use.
Lieutenant Ganev: You say this admiral's name like I should know it.
Lieutenant Ganev: In that case, such matters should be addressed to the Emperor's Wrath, Lieutenant.
Lieutenant Ganev: He's extremely capable. I'm sure you'll find all his credentials in order.
Lieutenant Ganev: Can you not speak of such things with a member of the Dark Council, Lieutenant?
Lieutenant Ganev: Just a heads up: Whenever Imps talk about "the security of the Empire," I add another twenty percent to my fees.
Lieutenant Ganev: My time is precious. What kind of security matter is this?
Lieutenant Ganev: Forgive me, my lord, I assumed you wished to remain anonymous.
Lieutenant Ganev: Admiral Tarekk prefers to discuss the details of this situation in person.
Lieutenant Ganev: Excellent. The admiral will be pleased to have such a team to assist him.
Lieutenant Ganev: This is the admiral's current location, and the necessary clearance for the fleet. Best of luck.
Lieutenant Ganev: I see. Well, I'm sure your... talents will be appreciated.
Lieutenant Ganev: So I've heard. I believe your payment's already been cleared.