Freitag, 3. November 2017
Erste Infos zum neuen Conquest-System in 5.7/6.0
Nach etwas Nachdenken bin ich mittlerweile überzeugt, dass diese Stellen aus dem 5.6 Datamining zum neuen Conquest-System gehören sollten:

Primary and secondary traits

Traits are a new feature that appears to extend crafting. We don't have any details on this yet.

Primary traits:

A Combatant is proficient in Combat missions.

An Underworld Trader is proficient in Underworld Trading missions.

A Scavenger is proficient in Scavenging missions

A Technician is proficient in Engineering missions.

Secondary traits:

Cold-Blooded: Effective for missions in a frozen environment (llum, Hoth, Alderaan, Belsavis, Ziost): increases credit gain by 30%, reduces mission cost by 10%.

Jedi Slayer: Effective for missions that have Jedi as enemies: increases CXP gain by 200 upon mission success, increases the companion's Power by 15%.

Droid Buddy: Effective when going on a mission with a Droid companion: increases XP gain by 15% upon mission success, guaranteed a loot package of crafting material.

Leadership: Effective for Combat missions: increase the companion's Power by 20%, reduce mission duration by 15%, increase the Influence gain by 100 of all companions on the mission upon success.

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Neuer Flair-Vorschlag: Zeichen der Mandalorianer!

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BioWare bittet um Vorschläge für zurückkehrende Items (leider keine Waffen und Rüstungen)
In-game Items you Want to Return | 11.03.2017, 07:53 PM
Hey folks,

Over time, we have received quite a few reports from players of items that used be available in-game, that no longer are. We don't mean Cartel Market items, but items that used to be available on vendors or from drops, etc. We are doing planning around some Mission rewards coming up and we thought this might be a good opportunity to try to get some forgotten items back in.

Here is what we are looking for. What are some in-game items that are no longer available that you would like to see come back, for the following categories:
Stronghold Decorations
For this feedback thread we are currently not looking for weapon or armor set suggestions.

Let us know your thoughts!



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